Yuka Nishimura
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Rōmaji Nishimura Yuka
Also Known As Yuka
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Girl
Age 14 years
Height 1,62 metres
Eye Color Ice Blue
Hair Color Brown (Normal)/Silvery Blue (PriPara)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol


Affiliation Mer-Maid Café
Personal Status
Voice Actors

Yuka Nishimura is a Lovely type idol from the fan-made series PriPara 12 Zodiacs. She's a part of the unit Mer-Maid Café and her primary brand is unknown.

Appearance Edit

Yuka's got blue-silvery hair with straight bangs and it's down to the middle of her back. In normal world her hair is dark brown, but with the same hairstyle. Her eyes are ice-blue, and gentle with a melancholic feel. Her skin is really pale and she's got some of a princess-like face.

Personality Edit

Yuka is from a broken home, with only a single mother with problems and two younger sisters. Therefore Yuka is cool and more or less emotionless. She's a very protecting older sister. The only person she ever opens up to is Hikari's older sister and Yuka's childhood friend Katsumi.

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Songs Edit

Yuka's personal song is Down By the Sea.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her zodiac-sign is Aquarius

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