If you do not follow them expect to be paid a visit from Mirei, or even the scary Headmistress Gloria!

  1. Please be kind to your fellow editors/wiki members.
  2. Take care not to upload any adult content and foul language. 
  3. Use your best grammar and wording for articles. It makes them look nicer and people are more likely to respond to nice, understandable writing. 
  4. No flaming/spamming/harassement towards members or their creations. Only Creative-Critisism is allowed here.
  5. Make sure to properly categorise your pages so that they can be found easier, more on the topic can be found here.
  6. Please do not make other peoples articles for them or claim them as your own unless given permission.
  7. If someone ends up taking a name you were going to use (say you both just have a character with a singular name "Annie"), include a (username here) to the end of the pages title.  
  8. HAVE FUN!

For any questions about the rules remember to ask an admin.

Also, be sure to check out IchibanHoshii's blog for more.

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