Punk Dream Cyalume Coord is from the brand Punk Dream.

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Krista Todo

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Under the leather jacket there's a red tank top with a black blonde-rim and a black bow. The black leather jacket is to the mid of your waist, it has two buttons, one red and one yellow. It has a black leather belt with red straps to keep the belt up. At the sleeves it's rolled up with red lining and red straps that to keep the rolls up.

It has a black chocker with a black spade in the middle. It's also a double leather armband and a leather armband with rivets.

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It's knee-lengt and red and black checkered, with two cuts so you can see the pink underskirt.

Boots Edit

It's Dr. Martens-styled, black boots with red belts with red straps to keep them up. The one stocking is to the mid-thight and it's red and black-checkered and the other one is red with black dots.

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It's a big black bow with pink tulle on the back.

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