Scene 1: On The Way Home From SchoolEdit

(Julia is shown in uniform, leaving the school gates filled with scenes of people playing and leaving. As Julia is a fair small way out of school, there is a small spark in the sky and a PriTicket spirals out of it and lands hardish on Julia's head. She falls over backwards.)
Julia Kaiser: AAAH! (Sits up and picks up the PriTicket) Wha... What is this?!
(PriPire On Stage!)
Julia: Wha-whatthewhatthe THIS IS A PRITICKET! (some girls now start saying stuff like "Julia you idiot shut up she'll hear you!") I GOTTA PRITICKET! WOOT! A magical ticket that catapults you to a magical paradise where you can sing your heart out and get loads of fans! A place where you wear the coolest clothes and look awesome... A place that lets every girl come here once they get this magical PriTicket! And now... It's my turn! Yippee!! I'm going to be in PriPara!-
Ms Nightshade: But not for long.
Julia: Gaaah!
Ms Nightshade: Julia Kaiser. You know perfectly well that primary schoolers at this fine establishment are strictly forbidden from participating in PriPara. Therefore... (gets portable vacuum cleaner out) HAND IT OVER!!!
Ms N: Rules are rules, Julia. Heh heh heh... (turns cleaner on)
Julia: Eeek! Not now! I'm not gonna let go of this! (starts running away)
Ms N: (brandishes working cleaner) COME BACK HERE KAISER!
Julia: Noooo! (runs for her life)

Scene 2: A Bit Further AwayEdit

Julia: (pants heavily) Ahhh thank goodness. Thank GOODNESS she was wearing that smartypants pencil skirt or I would've never been able to outrun her. Thank goodness.
Bully 1: (from a distance) Well gang, look who it is. That pathetic retard Claudia.
(bullies laugh)
(Claudia tries to run away on instinct, but thanks to her limp she trips and falls over. The gang of boys then swamp her like an eagle to a mouse and start beating her up)
Bully 2: How are you even human? You can't even run properly, for starters. How pathetic-(gets a swift sharp punch to the side of his head by Julia)
Julia: (overflowing rage) HOW DARE YOU!
Bully 3: Check it out guys. The little spastic's got someone to defend her! (bullies pretend to be scared)
Julia: (earsplittingly loud) You see your mate over there? NEXT TIME IT'LL BE YOUR BALLS!
Bully 1: It's 5 against 1, ginger. You really sure about this?
Claudia Britten: (her mouth starts to foam and her nose is running) F-f-five a-against two...
Bully 4: "F-f-five against two" Yeah right spastic slag. How on EARTH do you think you can do anything?