PriPara 12 Zodiacs is a fanseries where all the main characters have different Zodiac signs and as the season progress the Zodiacs will be an important part of the plot.

Plot Edit

Krista has been going to PriPara with her friend Rima and they're a team. While seeking for a third member Krista asks her kouhai Lily to bring her something to PriPara, and Lily attends PriPara for the first time they decide to bring Lily in their team and forms a unit. Later friends and rivals will appear.

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Mascots Edit

  • Kuri (Mer-Maid Café)
  • Raven (Crimson Destiny/Maihime)
  • Mia (Eternally/Krima)

Units Edit

  • Eternally - it consists of Krista, Rima and Lily
  • Mer-Maid Café - it consists of Yuka, Hikari and Akira
  • Crimson Destiny - it consists of Katsumi, Maihime and Reiko
  • Krima - it consists of Krista and Rima
  • 100% Sae - it consist of Yuriko and an unnamed character

Songs Edit

  • Nostalgia - Krista's personal song
  • Ippai Love - Rima's personal song
  • Colorful Paradise - Lily's personal song
  • Make it! - Eternally and Mer-Maid Café performes this song until they get their own song.
  • Down by the Sea - Yuka's personal song
  • Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte - Yuriko's personal song

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Trivia Edit

  • All the main characters has different zodiac signs