PriPara: WonderWorld (プリパラ:ワンダーワールド PuriPara: WandāWārudo) is the first season of Cure Arte's PriPara franchise. The season is scheduled to have 36 episodes. 




Main CharactersEdit

Elaina Konoe (近衛イレイナー Konoe Ireinā)
Voice Actress: Megumi Nakajima
Elaina is a easy going and cheerful sixth grader who loves to sing to those close to her. She is part French and part Japanese. Despite loving to sing, she is very shy and has no confidence in singing to a bunch of strangers. Her catchphrase is "Yatta" (やった!) which roughly translates to "All Right!". Her preferred brand is Wonder❣Bow, a Lovely type brand. Normally, outside of PriPara, Elaina is shown to have blonde hair held in two loose ponytails. She becomes taller with her hair becomes longer and lighter and styled in a loose ponytail after her change. 

Layla Collins (レイラ·コリンズ Reira· Korinzu)
Voice Actress: Kaori Ishihara
Layla is a hard working and kind second year middle school student who is very stylish. She can have an over the top personality at times and is American besides being able to speak Japanese fluently. In PriPara, she almost always ends her sentences with "~Mira" (~みら). Her preferred brand is P0p Princess, a Pop type brand. Normally, Layla has brown hair with a braid on the side of her face. However, in PriPara, her hair turns orange and is held into a side ponytail and is more puffy.


Neko (ネコ Neko)
Voice Actress: Aoi Yūki
Neko is Elaina and Layla's manager. She is known to be quite serious when it comes to Elaina and Layla's idol career but at other times she can be very childish. She says "~nya" at the end of her sentences.


Opening ThemeEdit


Ending ThemeEdit

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