(Japanese: プリパラ:空 を 目指せプリパラ:空 を 目指せ!, PuriPara:Sora o Mezase!)

This fanon was made by XManakaLalax.

Plot Edit

5 years after the events of PriPara, Yuri Tenno has finally recieved her Entry Ticket. After thirteen years of loving music, she had an opportunity to do what she wanted most: become an idol. If she could break out of her shell enough to step on stage, that is. Along with sisters Dojou and Umi Koizumi, she aims to find herself along the path to Divine Idolhood.

Characters Edit

Sparkling❤Girls Edit

Voice Claim: Yurika Kubo
Yuri is a shy, sheltered girl, born into an affluent family, who has always loved music with all her heart. After obtaining her Entry Ticket, she meets Dojou and Umi at Prism Stone.
Voice Claim: Sayuri Hara
Dojou is an energetic girl who grew up admiring idols, and did not hesitate to start an Idol career upon receiving her Entry Ticket. She dragged her younger sister, Umi, to PriPara when the latter recieved her entry ticket, and met Yuri.
Voice Claim: Aya Uchida
A cool, reserved girl, the younger sister of Dojou. She recieved her Entry Ticket the same day as Yuri, which fated their meeting after her sister dragged her to Prism Stone.
Supporting characters will be added soon!

Chapters Edit

Songs Edit

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