PriPara: Circus Mode
Kanji プリパラ:サーカスモード
romaji Puripara: sākasu mōdo
Created By Mikitty092393
Theme Circus
Season(s) TBA
No. of Episodes/Chapters TBA
Opening Theme Big Top Spiral!
Ending Theme Soaring

Pirpara Circus Mode is a fan-made sequel series to Pripara. It focuses on several young aspiring Circus Idols as they try to reach the Big Top. It was created by Mikitty092393 and is her first Pripara Fanon series. It's sister series is Aikatsu Bijoux!


Several years after Pripara's creation, Idol performances are so ordinary and common that many have lost intrest in Pripara. Soon new forms of Pripara combined with other activities began emerging but died out quickly, except for one. That one was Pripara Circus, the 33rd incarnation of Pripara. Now Pripara Circus is even bigger then the orginal Pripara and forces girls and boys to take on the most physically daunting challenges to reach the titile of Big Top Idol.

Mika Emi is a talented circus acrobat who has been dreaming of becoming an idol since she was 6. Now she is 16 and taking on the audition exam to enter the Pripara Tokyo Circus and climb her way up to the Big Top


PriparaCircus Mode

PriPara: Circus Mode Main Cast (Beta)

Main Cast

Mika Emi - A born Circus Acrobat, Mika knows everything about a circus but being an Idol is her dream. Although her Circus skills are unmatched, she lacks the classic trainign most Idols have. Mika refuses to give up and only wants to perform for her beloved art form. She is a Lovely type idol and her brand is Rosette Carnival. Mika's specialty is Acrobatics.

Yuuki Nanase - Yuuki was born to be an Idol and has the natural ability. Since she was little, Yuuki has been an experincedd Pripara idol. However she never reached the status she wanted and as Pripara began to decline, she quickly jumped on the Pripara Circus train. She lacks the Circus skills nessesary but is added in to the Tokyo Branch due to her experience. She is a Cool type idol and her brand is Prep Step. Yuuki's specialty is Vocals

Reina Kamari - Reina is a born beauty in a rich society. Rained on elegance, Reina is naturally sweet and an elegant lady in every situation. She learned about Pripara when she was little and secretly worked with coaches until she finally auditioned for Pripara Circus. She changed her looks in Pripara and even used a different brand in the hopes of fooling her parents. She is a Cool/Lovely type idol and her brand is at first Skull Happy but then she switches to Elegant Rain after her parents learn she is in Pripara. Reina's specialty is Dance

Madoka Douglas - Madoka was originally born in Japan but moved away when she was 8. She disliked the United States and wanted to return to Japan but then she fell in love with American History. Since then she auditioned and returned to Tokyo with Pripara Tokyo Circus, having been recommended by the United States Branch. Madoka is the most experienced of the girls since she joined Pripara USA Circus when she was 10. She is a Pop type idol and her brand is Past Blast. Madoka's specialty is Vocals.

Suzuki Mitsuki - Being the daughter of a magician in the Pripara Circus, Rin was naturally trained since birth. Rin loved learning tricks of the trade and trained all over the world. She was originally a part of the She is a Pop Type type idol and her brand is Magic Mayhem. Rin's specialty is Magic.

Supporting Cast

Momoka Nanami - Momoka is the MC of Pripara Tokyo Circus. Her specialty is Master of Ceremonies.

Kanon Sora - Kanon is a Pripara Circus Idol at the Toyko Branch. Currently she is a Big Top Idol and the Ringleader. Her Specialty is Ringleader.

Stephanie Reign - Stephanie is a young girl who was born into rich society like Reina but she isn't as humble. Stephanie is more interested in her own goals and being a Big Top Idol, using her money to help her all the way. She even got a custom Mike with her name on it.

More to be added


Many Idols use Pripara Brands before Circus was created. However special Circus Brands have been invented that some Idols must use for specific performances. Each Pripara Circus Branch has a uniform and a brand of it's own. Most Idols nowadays use Pop type brands however Circus Idols rarley get a chance to pick thier own Coords. The outfits are picked by the Staff.

Rosette Carnival

  • Type: Lovely
  • User: Mika Emi

Prep Step

  • Type: Pop
  • User: Yuuki Nanase

Skull Happy

  • Type: Cool
  • User: Reina Kamari

Elegant Rain

  • Type: Lovely
  • User: Reina Kamari

Past Blast

  • Type: Pop
  • User: Madoka Douglas

Magic Mayhem

  • Type: Pop
  • User: Suzuki Mitsuki





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Beta Designs

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