Nonohara Zakura
New Nonohara
Also Known As Nono-chi
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday February 16th
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Pink
Idol Status
Status Idol
Type Cool-Cute
Brand To Be Announced
Friends and Family
Anime Information
Anime Pripara: Jump For Joy~
Role Protagonist
Creator Hitorihiari

 Nonohara is the main character of Pripara: Jump For Joy~ . It is currently under developement.

Her main brand is currently unknown so she uses Twinkle Ribbon.

Her voice actor is Saitou Chiwa while her singing voice actor is Etsuko Yakushimaru.


After the 6th grade, Nonohara became an 15-year-old girl who always seems tired. In normal speech, she uses a lot of “…” and acts very withdrawn and slightly cold, and her only interests seeming to be games and sleeping. Because of a certain event, she never goes to school anymore and spends on her time online. But even when she’s not near a computer, she’s sure to be playing games on her cellphone. She has a huge interest in Lolita and is often shown leaving her home to go to one of those meet ups.

Whenever she gets into her idol activities or changes into her idol outfit, she changes spectacularly. She ‘switches’ into a super-energetic, passionate idol who gives it every ounce of strength she has, often saying “kyunkyun~” to fire herself and others up. She always talks in a fancy way, referring to herself in third person and acts like a cheerful and innocent princess that is often oblivious to the world.

However, all of this personality changes whenever she is in the same room of Ai Kawakami. She changes into a cold and emotionless person who will stop at nothing to come out on top of this 5 year battle.


Chika Nakanishi- Chika is somewhat of an mentor to Nonohara who has no experience in the idol world.

Ai Kawakami- Childhood friend turned enemy.

Coords Edit





Ao no Parade (duet with Chika)

Tabi no Owari




New Nonohara inside
  • She wears glasses from sitting in front of the television all night long.
  • She loves sour cream and onion chips.
  • She really doesn't like her voice because it's so high pitched.

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