Nerissa Fiedler is a Feminine-type idol and the unofficial leader of PriParaFiesta. Her Prism Live instrument is the violin. She uses the brand La Femme and is the Empress of Feminine.


Nerissa has been described by Adrienne as "more detached from humanity than Julia"-while Julia was in earshot. When angered far enough, Nerissa will often come up with unsettlingly disturbing punishments for those who wronged her.


Nerissa has long straight blonde hair and blue eyes. It grows when she turns into an idol.


Early LifeEdit

Nerissa was born to Elijah Matthews and his wife Agatha, but Elijah died when she was 11. About a year later, Agatha remarried a man named Claude Fiedler, and Nerissa gained two sisters, Octavia and Brittany, from Claude's previous failed marriage.




Resents her and treats her with contempt because of how strict she treats her.

Emperor archetypeEdit

  • Instead of "fiddling while Rome burned" (Cure Fluffy: If everyone stayed completely true to their emperor selves then things would get quite disturbing-particularly where Nerissa is concerned, it seems. Sorry guys.) Nerissa fiddled while her house burned-she was concentrating so hard on violin practice when her house caught fire that a fireman had to force her out the door.
  • Nerissa's favourite firework is the Roman Candle-apparently that name originated from an execution method Nero used on Christians where they were immobilized then flammable substances were poured over them. Then they were set fire to.


"Nerissa" sounds like "Nero". According to, Fiedler is a "occupational name for a professional fiddle player, or a nickname for a skilled amateur" of German and (Ashkenazic) Jewish origin-this is a reference to the "fiddled while Rome burned" quote.



  • "Why I'd like to attach them immobile to a stake, drench them in a buttload of tar, light a match, and WATCH 'EM BUUUURRRNNN!!!"


  • Nerissa's design was influenced by Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live's Otoha Takanashi.
  • Nerissa was the name of the evil queen in the Disney movie Enchanted.
  • Although most sources depict Nero as brutal and tyrannical, in Chapter 2 of his comic "Hetalia World Stars", Hidekaz Himaruya (who calls him Nero-chan) portrays him as a culture-loving wimp who gets bossed around a lot by his mother. However, until more evidence towards this idea can be found, this will not affect Nerissa's personality.