Moonlight Magic
Type Star
User(s) Mizuki Shirohana
Miyuki Shirohana
Sapphire Mizushima
Ruby Hanasaki
Emerald Hanasaki
Series Wonderland

Moonlight Magic is a Star type brand. It is designed by Mizuki Shirohana.

Description Edit

Moonlight Magic is a special Star type brand that is designed for the unit Moonlight. This brand incorporates the moon, and it also has subthemes for each member such as lotus flowers, roses, lilies, angel wings, and snowflakes. The theme color of each coord varies by the member who is wearing each coord. The colors that can be seen in the unit coords are Navy Blue, Forest Green, Red, Cerulean, and Purple.

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Trivia Edit

  • This brand has many references to the members' personal brands.
  • This brand shares its designer with the Sexy type brand Lunar Wing and the Cool type brand Snow Empress.