Appearance Edit

Long, light dark blue hair put up in a high ponytail by a black and white ribbon. She has dark purple eyes, and is very tall. In PriPara she has long navy blue hair put into two separate high ponytails with gold-white bows.

Personality Edit

Mayumi likes to go with the flow, but once that flow is broken, she can be agressivee.

Relations Edit

Souno Tomonai - Classmates

Coords Edit

Icy Flower Coord

History Edit

Her parents run the only sports shop in town (so it is very big), which is ironic since she is horrible at sports. However, she likes to go to the cafe in the shop for a smoothie or a snack.

Quotes Edit

"I am not calm for the sake of me, I am calm for the sake of others, so I reccomend not to make me mad."

Trivia Edit