Eru Hanasaki
Vital statistics
Position Idol and student
Age 14
Status RoseHearts
Physical attributes
Height 155cm (Normal), 160cm (PriPara)
Weight Unknown

Eru Hanasaki is a main character in PriPara: Shining Star and is the rival of Tsumiki Manaka. She is a Feminine-type idol and her main color is yellow and light pink. She is a top idol in the PriPara world and her family owns the top brand, Glittering Fairy. Eru is also part of the idol unit, Rose♥Hearts with her friends Yuki and Komari.


Eru has long curly blond hair that reaches her waits and green eyes. She also has fair skin. In PriPara, Eru's appearance doesn't really change, the only thing that changes is her hair, which is in to twin high pigtails.


Eru is a bit of a princess and spoiled. She can be selfish and a diva, but inside is is very kind. She dislikes not being listened to and Eru tries to act sweet and cute around other people.


Tsumiki is Eru's rival and Eru is very competitive with Tsumiki. After seeing Tsumiki's first performance, she says that she finally has someone that can be her rival and declares Tsumiki her rival.
Sakura is Eru's aunt. The two are very close and Sakura takes care of Eru whenever her parents are not around. She is also her coach and trains Eru to become a better idol.


Her main brand is Glittering Fairy.

Glittering FairyEdit






  • Eru's voice actor is Yoshino Nanjo, who is also the voice actor of Eli Ayase from Love Live!