Ayame Ichinose
pop-type idol
Gender Female
Age 13 years old
Birthday November 27
Eye Color half red , half orange
Hair Color Light Orange , and half cream
Education unknown
Idol Status
Status Top idol
Type Pop
Brand Colorful magic
Occupation Idol


Friends and Family
Friends Mikuru Himuro
Anime Information
Anime Pripara:Rainbow Prism Tour
Role Main character
Creator pri-aira

Ayame is a 13 years old top idol . she was very pop styled , and cheerful .

Appearance Edit

She has a unique medium orange hair and a unique eye color. in the real world , She was really diffrent because the appearance was a big opposite. She is a very Passionate , childish , and smart .

She usually wears a pop type coord in Pripara .

Personality Edit

Ayame is Passionate , childish , and smart idol . she likes to design coord . but Colorful Magic is not her own brand . She was a top Idol , but Mikuru don't realize it . she was very good at disguising and acting .  

Relations Edit

Coming Soon !

Coords Edit

Colorful Magic Edit

Songs Edit

Solo Edit

Unit Edit

Making Drama Edit

Solo Edit

  • Colorful Trick Hat
  • Around The fun park !

Quotes Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Her Favorite food is baked cheesecake 
  • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius .