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Hello PriPara-fanon-wikia!
I have just got a clear signal to make a collab-brand (something á la Prism Stone) for all the fanseries!
It will be a brand for clothes to use outside of PriPara, unit-coords and coords like that.
But we'll need a name, something Prism Stone-y, but not "Prism Stone"
Anyone got any ideas?
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Hi guys.
I wanted to know if any of you guys have started to write any of your fanseries? I'd like to read some other people's creations.
Mine is linked here. -> Wonderland
There's a chapter list on the page.
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Unit, Brand, and Coord templates have been created!
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Template recommendations?

Hello everyone! I primarily work on templates on the Pripara and Pripara-Fan on wiki and I was wondering (since this is a fanon wiki) what everyone would like for templates? We have a Character infobox already and a series infobox but is there any particular infobox people would like? Units? Brands? Episodrs/Chapters? also plrease when you post your reccomendation pleae add in what parameters you want to see. Paramaters is what the template infobox has in it such as name, age, heigh, type, ect.
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I DID IT!!!!!! Now you can add images to your character infobox!
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New Template for Series! +Character Infobox update

Hey guys! I made a template for series! It is under the name Series and you can upload an image XD (well I got one template to support the other)
Also if you see somethign in the series template that you think should be added, then feel free to send me a message or comment below. The current parameters is kanji, romaji, creator, # of episodes, # of seasons, series theme, opening theme, ending theme, and any affiliated series
Also the characters template is so far so good, no more loops but getting it to support images is a strugle. Look for it under Characters and it will work well for your information
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Regarding the Character Infoboxes

So far I'm struggling heavily with the character infoboxes code. Most of it is fixed with the exception of the image issue. i plan on some tests but for now it is a working template with the exception of images. So feel free to use it. It is under the name '''Characters'''
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Character Infobox issues

Hey everyone....Just so you know I'm working on a proper Character infobox right now but there are alot of issues with the template so just bear with my tests. Ill alert you when I have a propery working template
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Naming of Characters

Hi everyone! I know some of you think of names randomly or make them based off of other characters, and that can be hard, so I am here to help. I found a website with a list of japanese names (female when you click on the link, but you can do male if you select that option) and their etymologies/ meanings. I hope this helps!
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Who needs a mascot? Just inform me.

Just tell me if you want this mascot. The first one will get this mascot.
(Check the last pic out. It is a gif.)
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Well, I know there hasn't been a lot of people on this wiki, so I wanted to make this public. Do you guys think there should be customized images for badges? If so, what images? Like legit PriPara images? Or fanmade stuff?
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